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  • Different matericals and type semi-tubular rivets
  • Different matericals and type semi-tubular rivets
  • Different matericals and type semi-tubular rivets
  • Different matericals and type semi-tubular rivets
  • Different matericals and type semi-tubular rivets
  • Different matericals and type semi-tubular rivets
  • Different matericals and type semi-tubular rivets
  • Different matericals and type semi-tubular rivets

Different matericals and type semi-tubular rivets

Semi-hollow rivet
    Semi-hollow rivets (also known as tubular rivets) are similar to solid rivets, but they have a partial hole (opposite the head) at the tip. The purpose of this hole is to reduce the amount of force needed for application by rolling the tubular portion outward.
2.types:Flush semitubular rivet,Countersunk semitubular rivet etc.

3.matericals:steel,brass,aluminium,copper,stainless etc.
    Semi-hollow rivets used in non-load-bearing structures with fasteners, not only easy to riveting, but also to ensure a certain connection strength, commonly used in non-solution structure of the connection,such as clothing and footwear. the use of flexible cable manufacturing,the general requirements can not rip riveting after cracking.




Do you have the following concerns? 

1.Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?  

A:We are a manufacturer specialized in hardware fittings production for more than 20 years,main products include cnc machining parts,metal stamping parts,rivets,aluminum profile,electrical contact etc,we offer OEM & ODM service.

2.What is your delivery date

A:The delivery date is 15~20 days after receipt of payment.

3.Do You Offer Free Samples

A:Yes,we offer free samples for our products of rivets,silver contacts and eyelets.

4.What is your payment terms

A:30%~50% deposit,the balance before shipment.

5.How is the quality of your product?  

A:100% quality inspection before shipment,the detect rate is less than 0.7%. 

Our advantage: 


2.Optional Materials:Titanium Alloy,Aluminum, Stainless Steel,Steel Alloy,Brass,Copper Etc

3.Available Types: Solid Rivets,Hollow Rivets,Semi Tubular Rivets,Bifurcated Rivets,Male Female Rivets,Step Rivets,Double Cap Rivets Etc

4.Surface Treatment: Plating,Anodizing,Knurling Etc As Your Order

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About semi-tubular rivet:

1.What is semi tubular rivet?   

  Semi-hollow rivets (also known as tubular rivets) are similar to solid rivets(Solid rivets are one of the oldest and most reliable types of fasteners, having been found in archaeological findings dating back to the bronze age), but they have a partial hole (opposite the head) at the tip. The purpose of this hole is to reduce the amount of force needed for application by rolling the tubular portion outward.The size of the hole includes aperture and hole depth. different types of semitubular rivets that sizes of the hole are different . The force needed to apply a semitubular rivet is about 1/4 of the amount needed to apply a solid rivet,therefore that used in non-load-bearing structures with fasteners, not only easy to riveting, but also to ensure a certain connection strength, commonly used in non-solution structure of the connection,such as clothing and footwear. the use of flexible cable manufacturing,the general requirements can not rip riveting after cracking ,since Tubular rivets are sometimes preferred for pivot points (a joint where movement is desired) the swelling of the rivet is only at the tail. The type of equipment used to apply semi-tubular rivets range from prototyping tools to fully automated systems.The most common riveting machine is the stamping riveter(characterized by fast stamping, requiring rivet material is good, no cracking) ,The other is the rotary riveting machine(characterized by semi-hollow place over the effect of good, all kinds of material rivets are not easy to crack,but the speed is not fast).They are offered from 1/16-inch (1.6mm) to 3/8-inch (9.5mm) in diameter (other sizes are considered highly special) and can be up to 8 inches (203mm) long. A wide variety of materials and platings are available, most common base metals are steel, brass, copper, stainless, aluminum and most common platings are zinc, nickel, brass, tin. Tubular rivets are normally waxed to facilitate proper assembly. An installed tubular rivet has a head on one side, with a rolled over and exposed shallow blind hole on the other.

  The half-hollow rivet is a space capable of securing a gap between a plurality of members to be mounted at a lower price so that one of the members to be mounted is connected to each other around the shaft portion of the rivet body after being engaged with the other mounting member Hollow rivets.

  The semi hollow rivet is composed of a hollow rivet body having a flange and a mandrel inserted into a hollow hole of the rivet body; a face of the mandrel head facing the end portion of the shaft portion of the rivet body is formed with a slope, A large-diameter portion having a diameter substantially equal to the outer diameter of the shaft portion of the rivet body is inclined toward a small-diameter mandrel shaft having a smaller diameter than the inner diameter of the body portion of the rivet body, and a circumferential groove is formed on the outer peripheral surface of the shaft portion of the rivet body Which is a position where the length of the flange is slightly longer than the thickness of the member to be mounted; the broken portion of the mandrel shaft portion is made to be broken by a force such that the rivet body shaft The portion of the portion of the portion from the end portion to the circumferential groove is deformed radially, but the portion of the portion of the rivet body from the circumferential groove to the flange is hardly deformed.

  In general, the aperture and depth of the standard can be omitted, if you do not have drawings or pictures, it should include these elements, and then inform the material, choose the basic information is the case.

2.There are many types 
Semi-hollow rivets are mainly classified as follows: semi-round head hollow rivets (plated color) countersunk head semi-hollow rivets (red copper (chemical type Cu)) flat head semi-hollow rivets (copper) semi-hollow rivets (zinc plated zinc ) Semi-hollow rivets (Chrome plated (Chromium)) semi-hollow rivets (copper)

a.Fush semitubular rivet

On the design of flat head semi - hollow rivets

   Flat head semi-hollow rivets how to calculate the length of it, generally higher than the riveting plane how much? What is the relationship between the depth of the tail opening and the diameter?

   The length of the rivet generally refers to the effective length of the rivet, that is the length of the role, that is the length of the rod. General rivet rod length, higher than the object 2-4mm, specifically look at the actual situation of diameter. If the diameter of the rivet is large, the length of the rod is higher than the length of the object, and the rivet can be used to try and confirm the mass production. Tail depth is generally 4-5mm, diameter 10mm or less. If the diameter is large, then the tail hole deep point does not matter.

On the advantage of flat head semi - hollow rivets

A flush tubular rivet is used primarily on external metal surfaces where good appearance and the elimination of unnecessary aerodynamic drag are important. A flush hollow rivet takes advantage of a countersink hole; they are also commonly referred to as countersunk rivets. Countersunk or flush hollow rivets are used extensively on the exterior of aircraft for aerodynamic reasons. Additional post-installation machining may be performed to perfect the airflow.
b.round head semi-tubular rivet


The design specification

The standard number GB / T873 --- 1986

Generally diameter 2 ~ 10mm, length 1.5 ~ 50mm. Special attention to its diameter, diameter and object hole with a good, generally rivet diameter than the hole diameter 0.1 ~ 0.2mm.


Riveting type

  Usually by their own deformation connected to be riveting pieces. Generally less than 8 mm with cold riveting, greater than this size with hot riveting.
Cold riveting:

  Cold riveting refers to the riveting of rivets at room temperature.If the use of steel rivets, cold riveting in the first to be carried out before annealing to improve the plasticity of rivets.When the hand is cold riveted, the rivet is first inserted from the riveted hole of the riveted piece, with the top against the rivet head and pressed against the riveted piece, and then the hammer is pushed with a hand hammer to extend the rivet rod end Head, in the spike was pierced at the same time the formation of umbrella nail head, thumping direction, the strength should be appropriate, and the number should not be too much, otherwise it will make the material cold hardening phenomenon, so that the nail head crack. Finally, with the Wotou nail head to repair the ideal shape.

Cold riveting, the diameter of rivets should not be too large, hand cold riveting, rivets generally less than 8mm diameter; rivet gun cold riveting, the diameter is not greater than 13mm; riveting machine cold riveting, the diameter is not greater than 25mm

Hot riveting:

  The hot rivets degrade and disintegrate the connections of the two metals by increasing the temperature.Hot riveting is not welded, that is, by increasing the temperature of the two parts of the metal parts of the degeneration or even melt together.The rivets are heated to a certain temperature after riveting. Since the plasticity of the rivet after heating is increased and the hardness is reduced, the nail head is easy to be formed, so that the external force required for the hot riveting is much smaller than that of the cold rivet. In addition, during the cooling of the rivet, the shrinkage in the longitudinal direction Between the positive pressure, when the sheet after the force can produce greater friction resistance, increased riveting strength. Hot rivets commonly used in the rivet material plasticity is poor, rivets larger diameter or riveting force of the case.

In the case of hot riveting, the heating temperature of the rivet is different from that of the rivet. For the steel rivets, when the rivet gun is riveted, the heating temperature is 1000-1100 ℃;When riveting with riveting machine, the heating temperature is 650 ℃ -670 ℃. The riveting temperature of the rivet is between 450 and 600 ℃.

3.Common materials:

1). iron, such as grades 1010,1022,1008, etc., but the flanging part of the crack. I plant commonly used iron material is Shanghai Baosteel 1T wire, flanging is not cracking.

2). copper and brass, such as brass grades H62, H65, H68, H70, etc., brass generally do semi-hollow with H68 above, flanging without cracking. Copper commonly used grades T2 and so on.

   T2 pure copper is rose red metal, copper content of 99.90%, the surface after the formation of copper oxide film was purple, so the industrial copper commonly known as copper or electrolytic copper. A density of 8-9g / cm3, a melting point of 1083 ° C. Pure copper conductivity is very good, a lot for the manufacture of wires, cables, electricity, etc .; good thermal conductivity, commonly used to create magnetic interference to the magnetic instruments, instruments, such as compass, aviation instruments; excellent plastic, easy to hot And cold pressure processing, can be made of pipe, bar, line, strip, belt, plate, foil and other copper. Pure copper products are two kinds of smelting and processing products. Surface treatment is generally tin, tin is mainly to prevent the oxidation of copper

3). aluminum material, commonly used grades for the 5052, pure aluminum and so on.

4). stainless steel, commonly used are 304,316,201 and so on.

5). other titanium alloy, etc., used in aerospace.
4.Processing technology:

Commonly used rivet processing technology has cold heading and high-speed turning processing, and after the appropriate heat treatment, has reached the relevant hardness requirements, for anti-corrosion requirements of the parts should also be black, phosphating and other processes.
1). Cold heading processing technology:
Through the impact of the punch, so that the metal wire in the mold within the plastic deformation has reached the desired shape and size.
Wire rod -> Shear -> Cold heading ->
Features: This method of production is high efficiency, saving materials, but the production of large deformation of the product is likely to cause head cracking, and can not be processed on the rivets special shape, such as trough and so on. Suitable for the production of standard rivets.
2). High-speed car processing technology:
High-speed car processing that through a special turning tool shape and adjust the turning position and processing sequence, remove the excess material on the wire, has reached the desired shape and size.
process: Wire rod-> Cutting -> Cutting ->

features: can be customized custom rivets, but a waste of materials, low production efficiency. At the same time for the groove and other special requirements of the parts is also difficult to shape a time.
5.process flow:

6.quality control:

Meet the most basic requirements under the premise,quality control mainly has performance (bonding strength) and appearance

Bonding strength

The force of the spray coating and the matrix is called the binding force. The binding force per unit area is called the bond strength.

Determination of bonding strength of coating

Test, thermal shock test, anti-wear test, shear test, microhardness test, tensile test, etc., have the corresponding national standards, they are mainly for the coating strength of less than 50MPa coating. For the fracture toughness, interfacial tensile fracture strength, interfacial shear fracture strength and so on

Visual inspection

Generally we check rivets have the following aspects:

1). Material. (Rivets in fact the material requirements are high, the material is not good, the head may crack)

2). surface. (See the surface with or without scratches)

3). size. (See if the size of the drawings meet the requirements, whether the head round, the head is cracked)

4). Does the surface treatment be in place? (Galvanized nickel, especially whether the semi-hollow interior plating)

5). use situation. (Semi - hollow rivets mainly to use after the flanging is cracked, the material is not good, then rip rip will appear cracking situation

Quality control flow chart

Company profile
 1.Company History

   LML is one of the oldest metal manufacturing company in Tangxia Town,Dongguan china. It has provided metal manufacturing services for the electronics  industry customers both in china and abroad since 1998 Found by Mr. Jonathan Lee—an engineer who has been in metal stamping and CNC machining industry for more than 20 years. From 2010, LML began to provide diversified services to the customers apart from manufacturing to solve the problems of small-scale batch production, product design, product assembly, logistics, even financial issues for the customers

.2015, LML have successfully provided services for more than 500 customers around the world.
2.Workshop and testing equipment

   Our workshop is divided into lathes, milling machines, machining centers and automatic vehicles and other workshops, each workshop has a corresponding senior engineer with engineers assistant workshop to deal with the technical problems, QC personnel through the testing equipment to check the quality problems. Our workshop to the long-term economic stability of the equipment as the premise, to produce high-quality products, reduce the cost of repair costs, scrap rate and so on.

Management philosophy: through technical means to create the essence of standardization

Workshop spirit: unity, conservation, innovation, dedication

Workshop purpose: pioneering and innovative, cost savings


3.Corporate culture and team atmosphere
1).Company culture

 Stability, Sharing, Growth, Outstanding


 Seeking long-term interests, abiding by the laws & regulations and laying the foundation for LMLs stable growth strategy.


Enhancing teamwork and assuring the sharing of benefits among its customers, shareholders and employees.


Seizing opportunities and striving to achieve both company growth and employee development.


Pursuing excellence is the goal for every LML employee.

 Core Values

 Integrity, Innovation, Professionalism, Gratitude


Business does not prosper without integrity. Man can not live without integrity. We apply the highest ethical standards and act with integrity, respect and in an ethical manner with our suppliers and customers worldwide.


While advocating innovation in new business,we emphasize more on innovation in traditional businesses to achieve competitiveness through differentiation.


We maintain and improve our professional competence and strive for excellence through continuous study. Our goal is to provide dedicated and highly efficient service to our customers.


Thanksgiving is one of China’s traditional virtues. Employees are encouraged to respect and understand each other and learn to show their gratitude in both daily life and work.

 Talent Nurturing Strategy

We promote people-oriented strategies as people are the most valuable asset of our development. We cherish people with both talent and integrity. We retain our talent through interpersonal relationships,pay and security, recognition and achievement.

Our team members from different cities in China, we have the same dream and get together, in order to achieve this dream everyone is very hard, this dream is our company's goal. Here is full of laughter, here can enjoy the sweat, where there is competition and cooperation.

4.customer visit and group activities
1).customer visit

Every year to customers in different countries to visit our company for rivets, silver contacts, machining and other technical discussions

    2015 June 11th, one of our most important customer in England visited our factory. The first day we show him around our workshop and discuss the technical problems of rivets, he get a satisfactory answer. The next day we visited the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and the Tiananmen Square. It’s quite a nice day

     2012 Dec 18th, Peter visited our factory and our engineers helped him solve his technical questions. Peter is one of our America customer who is a great designer. He designed a new production this year and he need a specific silver contact to support his new design.

2).group activities

Our company actively participated in various related activities organized by the platform, and achieved good results

   2015 Dec 26th, LML participated in a sports meeting held by Alibaba. In the sports meeting we got to know many oversea sales companies. It was not only a sports meeting to build up health, but also an industry exchange meeting.

    2015 June 8th, congratulations to Helen on winning the Dark Horse Award in the speech competition!

5.Company honor certificates



Packaging and logistics
    Whether you are transporting rivets, silver contacts, small pieces of spring, or machining parts, stamping large pieces, our packaging and shipping are all you can rest assured

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Customer reviews

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offering design and improvement scheme freely

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