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  • Different sizes of brass copper hollow rivets
  • Different sizes of brass copper hollow rivets
  • Different sizes of brass copper hollow rivets
  • Different sizes of brass copper hollow rivets
  • Different sizes of brass copper hollow rivets
  • Different sizes of brass copper hollow rivets
  • Different sizes of brass copper hollow rivets
  • Different sizes of brass copper hollow rivets

Different sizes of brass copper hollow rivets

Hollow rivet profile
      Hollow rivets on the basis of semi-hollow rivets will be processed into the head of the head, due to light weight, nail head weak, with the load is not large non-metallic materials riveting occasions.

Hollow rivet type
     Brass hollow rivet,Copper hollow rivet etc.
Hollow rivet application
Hollow rivets are usually used in apparel, footwear and other industries.




1.Are you a trade company or a manufacturer? 

A:We are a manufacturer specialized in hardware fittings production for more than 20 years,main products include cnc machining parts,metal stamping parts,rivets,aluminum profile,electrical contact etc,we offer OEM & ODM service.

2.What is your delivery date? 

A:The delivery date is 15~20 days after receipt of payment.

3.How is the material used for your product? 

A:The material we used for our product is environmental & safe.

4.What is your payment terms? 

A:30%~50% deposit,the balance before shipment.

5.How is the quality of your product? 

A:100% quality inspection before shipment,the detect rate is less than 0.7%



2.Optional Materials:Titanium Alloy,Aluminum, Stainless Steel,Steel Alloy,Brass,Copper Etc

3.Available Types: Solid Rivets,Hollow Rivets,Semi Tubular Rivets,Bifurcated Rivets,Male Female Rivets,Step Rivets,Double Cap Rivets Etc

4.Surface Treatment: Plating,Anodizing,Knurling Etc As Your Order

5.Many In Stock For Your Need

6.Competitive Price

7.Large Quantity Production Capacity

8.Short Delivery Time

9.RoHS Compliant
Hollow rivet history
    Hollow rivets are mostly invented for the manufacture or maintenance of harness equipment, and when the hollow rivets are invented, people are not very clear, but the harness is invented in the 9th century or 10th century. The riveted harness, like the horseshoe of the nail, lifted the slaves from the heavy labor, and the rivets also caused a lot of important inventions, such as iron-iron pliers and shepherd scissors.

Optional type:

Hollow rivet processing technic
    Commonly used rivet processing technology has cold heading and high-speed turning processing, and after the appropriate heat treatment, has reached the relevant hardness requirements, for anti-corrosion requirements of the parts should also be black, phosphating and other processes.

   1. Cold heading processing technology:Through the impact of the punch, so that the metal wire in the mold within the plastic deformation has reached the desired shape and sizes
  Process:Wire rod -> Shear -> Cold heading 
  Features: This method of production is high efficiency, saving materials, but the production of large deformation of the product is likely to cause head cracking, and can not be processed on the rivets special shape, such as trough and so on. Suitable for the production of standard rivets.
  2. High-speed car processing technology:High-speed car processing that through a special turning tool shape and adjust the turning position and processing sequence, remove the excess material on the wire, has reached the desired shape and size.
  Process: Wire rod-> Cutting -> Cutting 

  Features: can be customized custom rivets, but a waste of materials, low production efficiency. At the same time for the groove and other special requirements of the parts is also difficult to shape a time.
  As long as the specifications on the detailed description:

Head shape Diameter Head thickness Diameter length (excluding head thickness) Aperture hole depth, usually the aperture and depth of the standard has been omitted, if you do not have drawings or pictures, it should include these elements, and then tell Material, it is basically able to produce directly.

Rivet production process

Company profile
    LML Metal Products Ltd. mainly specialized in manufacturing metal stamping parts,CNC machining parts (CNC milling parts and CNC turning parts),lathe turning parts, shafts,rivets,springs and silver electrical contacts for more than 10 years.The metal products from LML are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, furniture, building, toys, automobile parts, motorcycle parts, machine parts, kitchen accessories, and other fields.
    Different machining workshop,testing equipment and CNC machining center

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1. Specialized in hardware accessories manufacture since 1998:Capable of meeting your unique design.

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